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We’ve relaunched!

Last time we redesigned our website, leather trousers were in fashion, the Walkman was the height of cool, and dodos walked the Earth.

When you’re a busy Web design company, it’s hard to find time to revamp your image. Yet, somehow, we did just that, and you’re looking at the results right now.

Goburo, the mobile Web studio

It’s amazing to think that — just four years ago — we were a small design company catering for local businesses, most of whom were only interested in print design. We’re still a two-person team, but we now work remotely for clients spread across the world whilst travelling ourselves; not only has the Web become our core business; it’s changed the way we do business too.

Becoming location independent is an exciting thing for us. We’ve spent the last few years making changes so that we can take our company on the road and run it from anywhere. If that’s something that interests you, go ahead and subscribe to our articles. We’ll be running hints and tips about how we made the transition.

We mean it about the tips

There’s an old joke that most blogs feature only three posts: one welcoming people to the site, and two others spaced a year apart, each apologising for not posting more often. We’ve made this site as simple as it can be to update. (Even as professional web geeks, we don’t have the time or patience for fiddling about with something that’s more complicated than it needs to be.) Expect further updates and blog-worthy musings from us. We’ve found that writing can be a great way of learning about the world, and we look forward to sharing our thoughts with you.

What our clients have taught us

We’ve learnt a lot from our clients too. We’ve discovered that successful sites reflect the people behind them, are easy to update, and that the really good ones try to fulfil a single goal. Our old site was a little on the corporate side; it didn’t reflect our style or love for colour and illustration, so we’ve injected some personality this time.

We also hope we’ve made it easier to get in touch with us; our goal with the redesign was to encourage people to request free estimates. Whether you want small tweaks to your WordPress site or major work involving fancy pants content management systems, we want to encourage everyone to get in touch with us, no matter what timezone you’re in.

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