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We know how annoying it is when design companies forget to put their prices online. That's why we made this page to give you an idea of what we charge.


How we charge

Since every project we work on is different, it’s impossible to say what yours will cost unless you get in touch.

To give you an idea, though, here are some examples of typical jobs we’ve completed, together with an estimate and turnaround time.

Simple starter site

If you just want to get online quickly and cheaply, we can set you up with a simple single page site that lets visitors get in touch.

Example: a one-page site with an editable welcome area, a description of what you do, and a contact form.
Turnaround time: approximately five working days
Cost: £770 (convert to USD or EUR)

Content managed site

Maybe you’re starting out as a blogger, or perhaps you’re a small company who wants a simple site that you can add additional pages to. We work with a lot of people who’ve never published online before, and we’re always keen to make it simple, fun, and affordable.

Example: a simple typographic logo, a homepage template and one subpage template design that you can use to create additional pages. Includes coding and launch.
Turnaround time: approximately two weeks.
Cost: £1,925 (convert to USD or EUR)

Complex sites

Some sites have more complex designs and need extra coding and consideration. Perhaps you’ve got a site already with a lot of existing content that you’d like to reorganise, or maybe you’re starting out but have big ideas about building a community site or shop. We’d be happy to help.

Example: Homepage design with featured areas for highlighted content, two or more subpage templates, a custom logo, and migration of existing content from Blogger to WordPress.
Turnaround time: approximately 3-4 weeks
Cost: £3,080 (convert to USD or EUR)

Custom coding

You’ve got a big idea that a standard installation of WordPress or your favourite publishing tool won’t cope with. You’ll need some custom coding to get you up and running. Fortunately, we can help.

Example: A social image sharing site that allows visitors to upload, vote up, and comment on images.
Turnaround time: 5+ weeks
Cost: £5,775 (convert to USD or EUR)

What our customers say

We're lucky to have worked with some wonderful clients. Here's what they say about us:

"They are sheerly wonderful"

There are lots of good designers out there, sure. Great ones, too. But great design isn't the only thing that makes a designer great. I could sing Goburo's praises from here until tomorrow, but the most important thing is this... they get people. They get what people want. We sent them the world's ugliest mockup and they understood what we meant. There was practically zero back-and-forth and absolutely none of that horrible feeling that comes when your designer sends you their first pass and you think, "Oh my God, no." They gave us exactly what we wanted. They are sheerly wonderful.

~ Naomi and Jamie Dunford,

"The design blew me away"

I had the best experience working with Goburo. First of all, their proposed design blew me away. The coding was super fast and when finished, looked just like the mock-ups. I now have a fabulous, easy-to-navigate site in about 3 weeks. I would highly recommend this team for your next project.

~ Heidi Farmer,

"I can't recommend them highly enough"

Goburo are absolutely brilliant. I can't recommend them highly enough for their design, advice and all round consultative approach. If you want a template site that looks like everybody else's, then don't hire Goburo, but if you want something that's fun, innovative and will attract traffic, then do!

~ Tim Brownson
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